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The Almost Unknown Diseases Institution (AUDI) are a lone wolf faction of the medical community. They used to operate within conventional hospitals and medical establishments but a massive feud between certain doctors and medical proffessionals lead to a complete separation between the different ideals.

Due to the fact that little was ever published about this it is understandably very hard to garnish any details of the case. Nothing is known about the reason for the feud, and the high level of secrecy that doctors carry out their duties and affairs under has lead to the whole issue being extremely well covered up with little hope of answers ever surfacing.

All that is know is that there are hospitals for physical problems and well known diseases and ailments- but then there are elusive institution buildings run by the AUDI for people suffering from not so well known diseases.

It is only possible to get to these institute buildings if you are first confirmed as a sufferer of an almost unknown disease. This is done by secret meetings with an "associate" who will phone you and meet you at your place of residence after you leave an email on the AUDI website requesting assistence.

Once confirmed you are then immediately blindfolded and driven to the nearest institute to recieve treatment. The organization differs between countries but acts outside of government jurisdiction and usually rather efficiently too.

Despite the secretive nature of the AUDI's actions it is a commonly held belief that they are nowhere near as shady as they seem.

As one member of the public put it "Those AUDI guys sure got the ush!"

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