Banane is the newest French made car. It comes only in yellow and is sold only in France. The body style is long and narrow, with a slight curve. Many people have said the over all affect is "appealing".

The Banane was originally designed in South America as a natural design for the deep rain forest. The French car designers saw the ingeniousness of the body design and put their own version of the vehicle on the French market. They said the car comes in bunches in South America, so the French people should get in on the fun, too.

One Banane car dealer in Paris sold the Banane with free ice cream. It was the "Banane Split deal of the Century".

Unfortunately, as it is with most great ideas, not everyone in France is impressed with the Banane. Many Parisians have filed complaints that if the Banane sits in the sun to long, the beautiful yellow color turns brown and the car begins to smell. These claims, as of yet, have not been substantiated, however, and the manufacturers of the Banane have declined to comment.