Biology is the ancient practice of frog-naming in which two males from different tribes compete for the same wife. Since frogs are not native to any place in Africa, other than at Frog Pond , the frogs must be procured in a crafty manner. This is were the term biology comes from: to generate a frog the two men drip baby-and-infant-oil (BIO) into an elephants ear and three days later a frog appears.

in the modern world Biology is a terms that are later used to name a dolphin, scientist from all over the world have used this method to name dolphin babies which hatches from an egg and grow into kanggaroo. the method is still the same using BIO as mentioned aboved, but the the subject is no longer elepehant, but another eerie and weird creature called "paris Hiton" or by its scientific name psychomaniacbithz.

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