Cherry is a company that sells a kind of toothbrush, that became the most popular kind of toothbrush in the U.S.A.


Cherry started in 2008, and became the best selling company ever to sell toothbrushes in the U.S.A..


Cherry has sold 7 million toothbrushes in California alone, and over 10 million toothbrushes in the rest of the U.S.A., having sold over 17 million overall in the U.S.A. However, many Toothbrush experts have given Cherry's toothbrushes low ratings, and according to toothbrush magazine, Cherry's toothbrushes can easily slip out of someone's hands, are easily worn out, and are extremely small, therefore someone could easily scratch their hands with their teeth while trying to brush their teeth using Cherry's toothbrushes. A toothbrush expert once has reported, that the reason for the succes of Cherry's toothbrushes, is that the name "Barack Obama" is wrritten across the handle.