Cows is the 10th level of the Inferno in Dante Xavier Nahasapeemapetilon's best selling autobiography, "The Divine Comicon 2010". In the second chapter of the book, Dante comes unprepared to his 1st Grade show-and-tell, and improvises by giving his peers a 2 hour lecture on the imaginary place. The actual 10th level is a vat of noxious chemicals named Janeane Garofalo in which the clubbers of baby leopards are thrown.

The Story[]

In Cows, one would find a 57 story tower that is glow-in-the-dark. Those sent to this level are force to consume copious amounts of Cinnabons. Once the offender weighs around 660 pounds, he/she is forced to climb all 57 flight of stairs. To discourage slipping, a pool of lava slowly rises up the stairwell. When the offender reaches the top, a buffalo in a purple v-neck shirt pushed him/her off the top of the tower. The offender falls, and dies. He/She wakes up as a turtle, and is immediately made into turtle soup. When he/she wakes up again, a dunce cap is stapled onto his/her head, and he/she is sat in the corner. After twenty centuries. of sitting, the process is repeated. Cows is a terrible place, and is the place where those who commit the grievous sins of loitering, mammograms, and being Mitt Romney will find themselves in the end.