The Daytona 500 is the newest technology in men's razors for shaving. The Get-It Company has just released the Daytona 500 razor nationally and is expecting record sales across the nation.


The Daytona 500 razor has 500 micro blades. Get-It Company spokesman, R.Z. Burn said, "If two blades are better than one, then three blades are better than two. Likewise, four blades are better than three, therefore, the Get-It Company decided what could be better than 500 blades?"

The Controversy

While that logic seems reasonable, not everyone agrees. Mr. I.M. Hurtin has filed a law suite against the Get-It Company, which experts say might have exceptional merit in the courts. According to Mr. Hurtin, "I took one swipe on my face with the Daytona 500 and suddenly found my chin floating in the sink! Just look at me! Now where am I supposed to rub when I'm trying to think about something?"

According to Dr. C.U. Pay, Mr. Hurtin's physician, "Mr. Hurtin's chin is a goner. Good thing he has two others. I guess he'll want to reconsider loosing weight."

The Get-It Company has refused to comment on the law suite, however some insiders say the company's position internally is, "We'll loose that law suite by the hair on our chiny-chin-chin."