Ecuador is the first human colonization of the moon. Within the first 43 minutes of the human colonization, it was over-run by the invisible, silent, odorless and thoroughly undetectable race of invertebrates. Though invertebrates, top xenobiology experts have estimated that the Invertebrates are actually more closely related to Earth's giraffes than Earth's invertebrates. This assumption is neither backed up by any evidence, as they are undetectable, nor is it in anyway useful to anyone, because in the following 11 minutes of the human colonization, the population there had been completely over-run. Although, there were only 80 residents there, and they were all either Invalids, Billy Mays or children. This decision was a rather poor one by the governments of Earth, and it was in no way intentional. Billy Mays, incidentally, was the only survivor.

In summary, Ecuador is the ex human-populated colony on the moon of Earth which is now filled with rotting corpses and unseeable/smellable/hearable invertebrates which are more related to Earth-Giraffes than Earth-Invertebrates, as well as the former home of Bill Mays.


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