Elvis Presly was one of the most popular Real Estate Salesman in the 1980s. He lived from 1930 to 1990.


Early Life[]

Born in a small town in Southern Mississippi, Elvis grew up with many brothers and sisters around him. The oldest of his siblings, he had to find a way to earn a living at a very young age in order to help his parents provide basic life necessities for the family. Elvis was a very creative child. At age 4, he set up a lemonade stand but was disappointed at the results. After all weekend at this stand, he had only sold a few glasses of lemonade. His enterprising young mind realized he would have to do something that would set his stand apart from the others.

While sitting at his stand waiting for customers, Elvis began writing songs. He than began setting the songs to melodies with corresponding dance routines. Soon people for all over Southern Mississippi began coming to hear the lemonade saleschild sing and dance. He tripled his prices and soon was making enough to help his family put food on the table.

His Prime as A Real Estate Salesman[]

In the upcoming years, Elvis gained more sales experience as he entered various sales professions. One day in the summer of 1950, Elvis decided he wanted to earn more and work less. By that time, he had developed an interest in land ownership and sales. A long time friend was wanting to move out of state but had been unable to sell his farm. Loving a challenge, Elvis took it upon himself to help his friend come up with an innovative idea that would insure a rapid sale. Donning the animals in blue suede shoes and teaching them how to sing, soon prospective buyers were flooding the farm and placing bids that outbid the prior bids. After his friend sold is farm, soon the news spread throughout Southern Mississippi about the salesmanship skills of Elvis Presley. Before long, Elvis was selling farmland, homes, undeveloped land and industrial buildings using unusual and creative selling techniques. He sold land day and night, for many years and became the most respected salesman in the state.

Later Life[]

Elvis Presly retired in 1988, when he lost his voice, because he tried Metal Screaming to gain popularity with teenagers and young adults, so families could have him sell their house. Elvis Presly eventually died in 1990, a few days after his 60th birthday.

Right up to the time he died, Elvis was known as the "Sell around the clock tonight" real estate man.