"Fetor ex ore" is the war cry of the Malodorus tribe, who live primarily in the southern regions of Mephitic, a small island in the Caribbean. The capital city of the Malodorus tribe is Fetid, which was established on the Putrid River before recorded human history.

The Malodorus tribe is known for their frequent war-making violence. Ignoring attempts by neighboring tribes to live in peace, the tribe seems eternally bent on senseless violence.

When the head chief of the nearby Cloying tribe, Chief Shur Ghur Ba Bee said, "They are abhorrent."

When the war cry "Fetor ex ore" is heard anywhere in that region, fear, trembling and, commonly, soppy drawers are the result.

Psychological experts have come to the conclusion that nothing will ever change the war-like ways of the Malodorus tribe and it is best to leave them alone and hope they go away. In the words of Dr. I.M. Smelly, "They stink".