Fruit, or frit disisum, is the little known virus that affects 3.4% of the human population, although it remains unknown.


There are few symptoms and so far there have been 18 reported cases. Those infected with fruit never know that they have contracted it since there are few side effects to the infection. It has been documented that people with fruit have a normal life span.

If you have no symptoms of any type of illness or viral infection, you may have contracted fruit. You should contact your doctor even though there is no known method for determining if you do have an fruit infection.

Related Diseases[]

Evidence found in 2009 suggests that there are different types of fruit. Scientists have classified these as "sub-diseases". They include:---

  • Apple (Apprusii aprot)
  • Banana (Baneinus retce)
  • Orange (Vercoltz oranggo)


Apple's symptoms include itchy head and itchy butt, so if you are experiencing itchiness, the Audi recommends telling your doctor and tell him/her about your suspicion.


Banana is the most dangerous of the fruit sub-diseases, affecting most people who have cases of fruit. Banana has 8 cases total, more than the other two combined. As this disease is almost as rare as the other sub-diseases, so not much is known about it. Scientists are unsure of the connection, but it often seems to raise the rate of divorces, usually requested by the wife.


Orange is the most mysterious of the sub-diseases, and therefore could be the most dangerous, even more than banana. However, there is evidence of that is causes nausea (carsickness) when not driving a car.

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