Gay was one of the first brands of multi-functional printers ever to be produced.


Gay originated as a small salad bar in Manhattan. Combining a scanner, a printer and a Xerox machine, the Gay printers were sold in numbers during the late 90s. It was not long after when major complaints were submitted to the company, mainly that Gay printers only print in red ink. Because of this outrage, several large companies became interested in selling similar products. Several companies formed around the years 1999-2000 in attempt to compete with Gay. Over the course of a year, the market became flooded with different companies, including [Lesbian], [Bisexual], [Transgender], and [Häagen-Dazs]. However, these companies received nearly as much complaints and only relatively higher success because their printers were still limited two colors. Lesbian printers only printed in violet and green, Bisexual only printed in blue and orange, and Transgender only printed in yellow and indigo. In response to the complaints, four of these companies attempted a partnership where they offer a "four for the price of two" deal to allow customers to buy all four of their printers, and in effect, benefit from printing all the colors they need. They named this alliance the "[LGBT community]. The only company that did not join this partnership was Häagen-Dazs. For many of reasons, the LGBT Community declined in market share, and eventually all four companies went under. One reason was because buying four printers was costly and inconvenient for the consumer. Another reason was because the solution proposed by the LGBT community did not account that some people need to print papers that have more than two colors in it at a time. Another because Häagen-Dazs made printers that printed all the colors in one printer. Another reason was because the CEO of gay was caught streaking across the Santa Monica pier. Gay went bankrupt in 2001.

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