Hospital was one of the biggest pieces of candy in the world, until The Hospital Challenge.


Hospital is 10 ft tall by 15 ft tall, and is ranked 3rd biggest on the International Candy Organization (ICO)'s List of biggest candies, 1st Biggest on the World Community of Candies (WCC)'s List of Biggest candies, and 5th biggest on the International Union of Candy (IUC)'s List of candies.

The Hospital Challenge[]

In the year 2007, a world wide invitation was issued for sturdy-stomached individuals to compete in the Hospital Challenge. The Queen of England hosted the challenge, and these brave competitors raced to see who could devour the majority of Hospital. Out of 20 challengers, 7 ended up in a medical care facility being treated for Hospital overdose and several reported feeling ill.

The winner was a very unusual 17-year old young man who devoured 5% of Hospital. He was crowned the King of the Hospital.