In A Gadda Da Vida is a Yiddish curse of uncertain origin, usually invoked when warding off lice, tsunamis and Avon ladies. It's earliest documentation was found in a classified "situation ad" posted by a matchmaker vodoo priestess, with the heading "Yenta Got Into Vodoo." Through frequent reprintings and mispellings, the current version arrived. This theory was recently challenged, though, by the niece of Sophia Riscata Bustante Alonza Dana Dana, who insists In A Gadda Da Vida is simly a mispronounced repetition of her Aunt's exasperated plea to her son Ian, who refused to eat his veal marsala. "Ian, You Gotta ta Eatta!" she would cry, and the cry heard round the neighborhood became the saying in question. Most sholars, though, attribute In A Gadda Da Vida to a lesser mispronunciation of the ballad penned by the portly Byron Butterpie, who wrote the ode to Miss Emma, who braved sleet and LA traffic to shop for some cream cheese. "Emma Got the Velveeta" was the result, and to this day homage is paid to her through this well known phrase.

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