Jeff Gordon is a micro-robot used for researching centrifugal magnification. The machine is only 24 nanometers long, but, when viewed through a microscope, sports a very flashy black with red/orange flame color scheme.


After the invention of the Jeff Gordon micro-bot at Hendrick Microbot Science, Inc., it was discovered that the machine performed best when going in a circle. It has been used, with exceptional results, in the investigation and research of centrifugal forces when applied to various compounds including tire rubber and banana skins.

No one at Hendrick Microbot Science, Inc. is at all sure what the meaning of the centrifugal research will be or if there is any value in it at all, but, according to one researcher, "The Jeff Gordon is so cool, who cares if it's really useful. Sometimes, the fun is just watching it go round, and round, and round!"