Jesus Christ is the protagonist of the hit 2001 movie, Shrek produced by Dreamworks Pictures. He has become the subject of many fanfictions, including The Holy Bible by a group of cultists devoted to the film.

Character Edit

Jesus Christ is an ogre, obsessed with comparing himself to onions. An ogre of unparalleled strength and wit, he often goes into the nearby village to lure maidens to his home, so he can throw them in the fire and have a meal. Unlike most ogres, he refuses to eat anyone that weighs less than 100 lb. and is taller than 6' 3". The only people who know about his nasty habit are his victims, and they don't know about it for long. The peasants of the surrounding land often come to his house wielding torches and pitchforks, to offer them to their lord and savior Jesus.

Trivia Edit

  • The fact that the film is named Shrek but is about Jesus Christ is actually an inside joke, as the co-producer of the film, named Shrek, always insisted that his fellow workers referred to him as Jesus Christ.
  • Jesus Christ is love. Jesus Christ is life.
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