John Wayne was a rich man, who lived from 1615, to 1670. He is known, for the invention of the wheel barrel.


Early Life[]

John Wayne was born in 1615, in London, England. He was raised under Jim Wayne and Mary Wayne, and was taught to read, write, and do math from his parents. Wayne did not have many friends, except for a gerbil he called Donald. Wayne told anyone that would listen that he and Donald could speak to each other telepathically. This led to Wayne spending most of his time in his home carefully watched over by his parents.


When he was 18 years old, John Wayne inherited the property of his parents, for they died a few months afer his 18th birthday. Although guilt was cast on Wayne for the death of his parents nothing was ever proven. Wayne later admitted that Donald had killed them in a fit of rage one evening and then ran away. Little is known of his life from 1633, to 1645, but it is known, that in one of those years, he invented the wheel barrel. The wheel barrel soon became famous and made Wayne almost a million dollars. During this time he found an old wizard in an old abandoned and seldom used cave and asked him to make him famous. Knowing that the only true way to make him famous the world over was to make him a movie star, the wizard took an old piece of dried wood and knocked Wayne unconscious. He then placed him in suspended animation until 1960 when he woke him up and gave him a ticket to Hollywood. Confused, but full of bravado, Wayne headed to Hollywood to became famous in the movies. Unbenownst to Wayne his gerbil, Donald, had hidden inside of his suit and was thus transported with him into the future. Feeling betrayed by Wayne Donald continues to try to murder Wayne to this day. Because of this reason Wayne has a natural avoidence to any woodland creatures.

Later Life[]

John Wayne spent most of his later life alone in his house, for whereever he went people saw him because of his invention, and he hated being known all over England. He died in 1975, at the age of 65 years old. John Wayne later rose from the dead in 1979 to star in the movie ALIEN. Wayne played the creature in that film. Crediting his desire to act as the reason for his rising from the dead he would star in many movies, usually wearing a mask or suit to avoid being recognized. Currently he is filming the prequel to the movie THE THING.