Lance Armstrong is a cheese salesman in Oregon, U.S.A. He is one of the most FAMOUS cheese salesman who ever lived; he is most famous for his most unusual use of parmesan cheese.


While most people think of parmesan cheese as a cheese grated over spaghetti, Mr. Armstrong had a different idea. Subjecting grated parmesan cheese to various temperatures enabled Mr. Armstrong to create his first invention, the camera. This device was so popular that to this day, whenever people are smiling for pictures, the photographer has them say "Cheese" in honor of Lance Armstrong.

The second and even more popular invention created by Lance Armstrong was the P.C., a scaled down version of a main frame computer. The cost effectiveness of the P.C., (parmesan cheese) computer enabled homes throughout the world to own and utilize this marvelous invention.

Lance Armstrong's home state, Oregon, is petitioning the U.S. Congress to create a national holiday called P.C. day, the politically correct holiday for celebrating Mr. Armstrong's Parmesan Cheese inventions.