MLB is a Laundrymat in New York City, New York. MLB stands for the German translation of, "Laundry Mat Cleaning".


MLB was founded in 1978, by Rickolochama and his wife, Rickolochamamama. MLB started in Germany, but when they decided to migrate to the U.S.A., Rickolochama did not want to end his business. Rickolochama and Rickolochamamama talked about that for a while two days before they left, and they decided to take the whole laundry mat with them, and the airplane they were on had to have the building on top of it's back. It has been reported that the aiplane's material they used to keep MLB on it's back was duct tape. Once Rickolochama and Rickolochamamama got to the U.S.A., and the laundrymat was moved to next door to where they now live (which is right next to Cosco), MLB's average amount of money gained raised 100%, their average amount of money gained now being $100.