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== Reversopedia is back! ==
After a 10 year hiatus (approximately), Reversopedia is now active again. Anyone is welcome to contribute for as long as you read our [[Reversopedia:Help, Policies, and Guidelines|Guidelines]], which have now been updated.
== Reversopedia News ==
== Reversopedia News ==

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Welcome to Reversopedia

The Encyclopedia of everything that isn't true, that anyone can edit, with 228 articles since September, 2008.

Here are some pages, to help you find your way around this Wiki:

Help, Policies, and Guidelines

Before editing, read the page that there is a link to below. The page there is a link to are the Help pages, Policies, and Guidelines for Reversopedia. DO NOT EDIT until you have read and understand the Help pages, Policies, and Guidlines.


Reversopedia News

  • On Febuary 17, 2009, Gordon Ramsay has invented a new shade of brown - Gordon Brown.
  • On November 13, 2009, a new planet called Katiokisimos has been discovered.

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