Mario (Character) is one of the greatest salesman of all time, having gained millions of Dollars on selling Rocks as a kid, and having gained about 10 billion dollars total in sales.


Mario was born in 1975, and raised from parents Terry and Patricia. Mario started selling rocks, and started making more money than his father and mother. Terry got his parents into a early retirement when Mario was 10, Terry was 45, and Patricia was 44. Terry had gained 10 million Dollars for his family and himself by the time he was 15. Terry graduated from the USC, and Majored in Business. By the time he was 30, Terry gained 8 billion dollars in earning, and gained 10 billion dollars by this year, which is still growing. But Mario was always a generous person, and he split most of the money he earned to giving money to charities, giving money to his parents, and paying the bills for his two broke friends.