NFL is the nickname for a Baseball Player, who's name is Narotino Farquatto Laniotto. Since many people can't pronounce his name, they call him NFL.

History Edit

NFL was born in 1935, and was originally named Naronitonotoninatonafrana Farquattototonatonaminoto Laniottonomonaloto, but his parents decided to shorten his name to Narotino Farquatto Laniotto, and the family's last name to Laniotto. NFL graduated from the P.O.L.M.Y.N.V.H.J.L.O.F.D.F., where he played college Baseball. After he graduated, he started playing in the MLB, for the Chicago Cubs. He retired in 2010, and currently lives in Mississippi. His favorite food is cheese and likes long walks on the beach.

Heritage Edit

Although it is rumored that NFL's heritage is Italian, NFL actually verified that his heritage is Chinese. However, he only speaks English, Spanish, Arabic, and Canadian. His father was the King of England for two centuries.

Statistics Edit


  • At Bats: 25
  • Hits: 23 1/2
  • Home Runs: 1
  • Strike Outs: 500,000
  • Goals: 5
  • RBI: 37.4

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