Napkin is a word in the Tatatatalalalalauncabarlasoda language. It means "Would someone please hand me that thing over there to the left?'

Usage of Napkin[]

In the Tata language (shortened version of this language's name as known in mainstream civilization), you will often hear Aborigines yelling the word "napkin!" when running by a food stand. This means they expect the person they are running with to reach out to the left and grab whatever food item is available. They then continue their run until one yells "woobanoo" which means "let's sit now and eat.

The Mad Geographic Magazine featured the Tata language in their May addition after one of their reporters was accidently scooped up (from the left) by a small Aborginee after hearing someone yell "napkin". Luckily, he was not eaten; he was instead given an exclusive interview and 2 free Tata language lessons.