Nigeria is a subgenre of metal music, that was founded by Hoo Stoe Mi Sand-Wish.

Some people think that Hoo Stoe Me Sand-Wish didn't really invent Nigeria but actually happened upon it while searching for his lunch.

Secret to the Kind of Metal[]

Through extensive searching and analysis, Hoo Stoe discovered the secret of Nigeria; that this metal was accidently formed from thousands of years of discarded bread, salami, bologna, and cheese. While Nigeria is no longer edible, the existence of this petrified mineral is directly related to it's discoverer's name.

Hoo Stoe Me Sand-Wish can now be find day and night in the local laboratory trying to invent a petrification reversal agent with his cousin Yu Stoe Urone Sand-Wish and friend, WiiR Houn-Gri.