A PDA is an acronym for the famous invention, Platypus's Dencher Assistant. Unfortunately, Odden Cantaloupay, the inventor, was attacked by the media for his lack of spelling skills. He sued the media, saying, "You didn't attack Henry Smellyfut when he misspelled his TOASTERs."


Unfortunately, PDAs are only supposed to be used underwater, as the denture cream used would burst into flames if it ever came in contact with oxygen. They also take hours to put on, and are slightly too big for the average platypus. They do not actually come with dentures, and platypuses must climb into landfills to find old, rotten dentures.


Platypuses everywhere use these because of their lack of teeth and love of food, but know that there should be something better out there. Companies everywhere gave it a rating of 0 / 10.