Puberty was the name of the first song recorded by John Lennon. The song was banned in New Zealand for the lyrics "Way down in New Zealand, the octopus eats little kids. They don't care, that's puberty!"


  • defines puberty as "a stage of not caring about anything".


Down in the South

They got lots of volcanoes

That constanly have to explode.

The last explosion

I ever had

was when I was sitting on the commode.

I had just had a burrito

the size of Alaska

and it was very tasty.

But now it is over

I really don't care

Oh hey! That's puberty.

Way down in New Zealand

the octopus eats little kids.

They don't care, that's puberty!

Way up in China

Little children wear kilts.

Men look up all of them.

Because in China

They have no underwear.

So children get raped! Oh the zen!

But authorities don't care about it

They don't think its a big deal!

Of course not, that's puberty.


It is fun for you and me.

We do what we want, like rape little kids.

And we never end up on the skids.

We can walk around naked!

Like "Weird Al" Yankovic

Or be gay like Harry Potter

Just ask my daughter!

We can do all night striptease

On the side of the streets

Or yank someones clothes off

(woman in background says) LET'S DO "IT" WITH THE HOFF!

Puberty is not caring.

Not giving or sharing.

My penis is feeling a little hard.

But we can fix that in the back of my car.

Puberty, oh puberty.

Never have to worry about rules!

Because we are in a world

That is run by fools!

WOMAN: Like Barack Obama!