Reversopedia has Guidlines, to help you edit, and contribute to Reversopedia. These are not Policies, but these are just Guidelines to help you contribute to Reversopedia, and help Reversopedia grow. See Reversopedia:Simplified ruleset to see Wikipedia's Ruleset.

  1. Reversopedia is about taking a real object or subject that you would actually find in a Wikipedia article or in an encyclopedia of any kind, and defining it as something that it's NOT.
  2. Feel free to give the article any details you want, whether realistic or unrealistic, and bonus points for making it comical! This is a parody wiki after all.
  3. Do not make up something that doesn't exist and make a standard article based on that. If you want to write about an imaginary object or subject, that's what our blog articles are for. If you need to change your written idea to fit this guideline, you can change the name of your article to a subject that actually exists (for as long as the subject of the article is exactly the subject referred to in the article's title), or create a Blog article on the subject.
  4. If you created an article that has a word or object that someone might think is fake, but is actually real, such as a rare word, a word in an obscure language, or an object that isn't well known, feel free to put down what the subject is on the Talk Page of the article. It would be especially helpful if you give a source to back up your claim that the object is real.
  5. Make sure, when linking an article to a category, that you make the Category a category of what it really is, not what the article says it is, for example, when creating the article, "Earth" and say that Earth's a Cell phone salesman, the category should be "Planets", not "People".
  6. If when writing an article, you refer to a word by the real life definition where a Reversopdia article by the same name exists, do not link the word to the Reversopedia article. If you're going to link another Reversopedia article, refer to the word by it's Reversopedia definition. That way we keep things clear and simple.
  7. Try to give the articles good formatting, and try to create the Heading, "Links" when you create your article. That will lessen the amount of correction edits from other users.