Have you ever wondered what your friends were talking about when they talked about Base Ball, or something like that? Here's how to do it.


  1. First, find a friend. Make sure he is seated comfortably, and will not fall out of his chair. Tell him not to do or say anything until you say so.
  2. Buy a Base, then look up online whether it is the acidic kind or not. If it's not, you have the right material.
  3. Form it into a ball carefully, but make sure it still looks like sort of a glob.
  4. Stand back and admire your work for about thirty seconds, or whenever you get bored of doing so.
  5. Now, EAT IT!
  6. Watch your friend's face, which will now be horrified.


  • Be sure you do not choose your best friend, as he will think you are a freak.
  • Actually, if you follow these instructions, your friend will think you a freak. Yay!


  • The reason it is Base Ball is because if it were Acid Ball, it would taste horrible. Don't use an acid base!