Ricky Martin is the man many regard as the father of salmon fishing.

Not just any salmon- but the stupendously rare Corinthian Salmon of the little little town backwaters. The waters are particularly treacherous and it is a sheer wonder and delight to behold Ricky Martin catching these beautiful fish. Some have been known to suffer heart attacks at the awesome sight- One heart attack "sufferer" who was asked what the experience of suffering a heart attack after seeing Ricky Martin catching a Corinthian Salmon was recorded as saying -

{{Well "suffering" is the wrong word. If anything- this was the heart attack I'd always dreamed of. If it had been fatal, I cannot tell you how happy I would have been- not that I want to die- just that it was such a good ordeal. Heck... I wish I could have more heart attacks like that.|A heart attack Sufferer|, when asked about the heart attack}}

Doctors say that "Mr Heartattack" (he would prefer not to be named) is being treated for withdrawal symptoms from not having any more heart attacks but that it's not very successful. It is speculated by some medical experts that the only treatment may be to arrange another appointment with Ricky Martin- a risky but maybe soon necessary move.

Ricky Martin is supposedly overjoyed at his ability to reach, with such obvious results, into the hearts of his fans.