Rocket Man is a man in Virginia, who sells Rockets. His real name is Jim Smith.

History Edit

Jim Smith was born in 1970, and was raised by parents Bob Smith, and Mary Smith. Rocket Man Graduated from Notre Dame, and began selling Rockets. He is still selling Rockets, and gained over 500,000 dollars in selling Rockets.

One day while jogging at the park, Jim tripped and fell permanently disabling him to the extent that he could no longer walk. Being the kind of person who optimistically makes lemonade when life deals him lemons, he began thinking of a way to enjoy his life without the use of his legs.

After weeks of thought, Jim came up with a stellar idea. He decided to redesign his rocket so it could be utilized for a high speed wheel chair. This rocket wheel chair had settings that enabled it to be used for home, outdoor transport, and cross country travel. It was such an impressive invention that NASCAR invited him to be a part of their February races in Fontana, California.

Jim's NASCAR rocket tied for first place in most wins in the modern era with Jeff Gordon and his name is now in the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

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