Seed is an American Football player from Los Angelos, California, U.S.A. He is a Quarterback, and he is known for the records, "Most sacks of any Quarterback", "Most Incomplete Passes of any Quarterback", and "Most Pass Interceptions of any Quarterback". He has many diehart fans who say that he's the Greatest Football Player of all time, but most Experts disagree with Seed's diehart fans.

The Argument Between an Expert And a Seed Fan[]

This is a famous argument between an expert and a seed fan:

Expert: Who do you think is the Greatest Quarterback?
Fan: Seed!!!!!
Expert: Seed? He has never made any Great records.
Fan: Maybe not, but by the fact that he is Great should make up for the fact that he hasn't made any records.
Expert: It doesn't work that way. The fact that he doesn't have any records besides records no Quarterback would want to have proves that he is not great.
Fan: It DOES work that way, because the fact that he's the Greatest proves it.