Shell is the Church of the Edible Peanut and is in the small town of Roland, South Jupiter. Roland, South Jupiter used to be an extremely poor community with a population of 250 Rolanders. When the pastor began the church, he realized that the towns most pressing need was food and shelter. After much thought and prayer, he decided that he would import peanut trees from Earth and instruct his parishoners in the art of growing and using peanuts.

The Rolanders were delighted with their first crop. The peanuts were eaten raw and used for peanut butter. They discovered how to crack the shells carefully so they could be glued together to build the outside of their shelters. The shells were also crushed for the flooring of their shelters.

Some very creative Rolanders began making peanut shell art. When news traveled to earth about these interesting wall decorations, Hollywood stars began placing orders. So much money was made from these art sales that Roland, South Jupiter is now a very wealthy community. In spite of their wealth, the residents still continue to live on peanuts.

They are forever grateful to the pastor of The Church of the Edible Peanut.

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