The Star Wars were a series of wars that took place between 1792 and 1865. The conflict arose over the Martian invasion of the moon in 1792, after which the forces of the United States of Canada, lead by Benjamin Franklin, quickly developed advanced space flight capabilities and engaged the martians. The conflict quickly escalated, however, to the point where typical weapons became useless and, displaying a continued ability to very quickly develop technology, both the Martians and the Canadians developed devices capable of launching entire stars at enemies. Thus the wars became known as the Star Wars.

The First Star War[]

The First Star War began in 1792 after the invasion of Earth's moon and Franklin's incredibly fast scientific developments, which allowed the USC to retaliate against the Martians. It lasted until 1799, when the Martians developed a Star Cannon and launched Alpha Centauri at an advancing Earth battlefleet, wiping it out entirely.

The Second Star War[]

The second Star War raged from 1801 until 1850. After suffering a crushing defeat in the first war, Franklin began work on his own Star Cannon device. Once the device had been completed, in absolute secrecy, it was warped into orbit around Proxima Centauri, and shortly thereafter Proxima Centauri was launched at Mars itself. Although most of the Martian population managed to evacuate in time, and the entire military of Mars escaped unscathed, the Martians' star cannon was destroyed. At first it seemed that the USC, which by this point represented all of Earth, would be victorious; however, the martians had already begun work on a new, secret, and more powerful Star Cannon, which was soon deployed against Earth. Earth was utterly obliterated, and only Franklin survived.

The Third Star War[]

In the final of the three Star Wars, which lasted from 1850 until 1865, Franklin discovered a way to manipulate the spacetime continuum to cause Earth to reappear exactly as it had been before its defeat at the hands of the Martians. Before putting his plan into action, however, Franklin secretly reactivated Earth's star cannon, which had been dormant in deep space for several decades in order to prevent the Martians from attacking it. After 15 years of work repairing the cannon and preparing his plan to restore Earth, Franklin obliterated the remaining Martians and restored earth to its place in the universe.