Super Bowl is the largest cereal bowl ever created using nothing but used Popsicle sticks and Superglue.


The Super Bowl is the result of three months work by the employees of the Nahta Youse Popsicle Company (Dalt, Maine) and is the brain child of I. C. Youse, grandson of the Nahta Youse Popsicle Company's founder, Nahta Youse. When asked why the Super Bowl was created, I. C. Youse answered, "Why not?"


The Super Bowl is 97 feet across its diameter and stands 75 feet tall. Experts estimate it would hold over 80 tons of milk, but this cannot be proven because no one can afford to buy that much milk.

One enterprising young man, Walter Puddinglick, at the age of 11, decided to fill the Super Bowl with goat's milk, but he ran out of goats from his father's farm having filled the Super Bowl only half full.


The Super Bowl can be seen from anywhere within the city limits of Dalt, Maine, which has caused no small number of complaints from numerous residents. For example, Alexander Crumpet, "How would you like to see an eight story bowl from outside your windows every time you look outside?" And, Mary Strikenhymer, "At least they could have put a diving board on it and let children go swimming. What good is the darn thing anyway?"


Regardless of the controversy, the Super Bowl has become a sort of inanimate mascot for the town of Dalt. Most local stores sell Super Bowl gift items and say tourism has increased significantly since the gigantic cereal bowl was officially documented by Guinness World Records.

According to Mayor Tom Humpdumper, "Like it or not, the thing has become an integral part of Dalt's legacy. At least it's not pink."