TV is a city in New Jersey, with a population of 15,000.

History Edit

TV was inhabited in 1985, but it officially became a full city with a mayor in the year 1990. TV has recently grown very quickly, raising from 10,000 people in the year 2004, to 15,000 people this year.

Back in 1985, it was the television that first transported TV's inhabitants to this interesting land. The people in TV were very industrious; they were a people of great inventions. However, because they have invented so many interesting gadgets, all they do now is sit around and enjoy them.

Industry Edit

Anytime there is work to be done the TeeVeevians simply invent a way to manage the work without having to work. Because of this, the city of TV is now the most sought after city to reside in. TV's mayor now has to take occupancy applications to regulate the population of TV and prevent overcrowding. To obtain an application write to the Mayor of TV, New Jersey.

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