Toothpick is a Professional Basketball player, known for breaking the record, "most consecutive games scoring at least 20 points", having played 1200 consecutive games with 20 points scored.


Early Life and career in NCAA Basketball[]

Toothpick was born in the year 1965, in Wyoming. He attended and graduated from the U.S.C., where he became a popular Basketball player, and the U.F.C. made it to the one of the Bowl games three of the four seasons he was in the U.S.C., and won the NCAA championship one of the seasons, having won the Rose Bowl in one of the seasons, and lost the Orange Bowl in the other.

Career in the NBA[]

Toothpick was drafted in the NBA, and played for the Los Angelos Lakers, where he set the record of the most consecutive games having scored more than 20 points. He eventually retired, and coached three different Basketball teams.

Later Life[]

Toothpick spent his later life in the media, and worked in commentary at NBA Basketball games. But, at the age of 43 (2008), he was arrested for a number of crippling charges which his fans still deny to this day.

1. He assaulted the team members of other teams with a basketball.

2. He assaulted police with a basketball.

Toothpick was sentenced to death by firing squad. It was deemed appropriate by the judge that the firing squad, instead of shooting with guns, be armed with basketballs in order to punish him adequately for his crimes.

20 minutes after the firing squad began "firing" Toothpick reportedly said- "Do I get a toilet break or do I have to sit through this? Oh, by the way, I'M INNOCENT!!!" Strangely, the execution was unsuccessful, as Toothpick did not die as the result. So the judge changed his sentence to life in prison instead. Toothpick stayed in prison until January 21st, 2010, when he was found innocent, and the person who actually hit the other NBA members (apparently one of Toothpick's fans) confessed. It is not known as to where Toothpick now is, but his parents hinted as to his location by telling the reporters that he "lives near a pinapple under the sea".