Sufferers of Turtle Shell Syndrome (TSS) develop a near perfect turtle shell on their backs. The underside of the shell doesn't fuse properly with the spine and as a result many sufferers complain of horrendous itching. For people who sleep on their backs the discomfort is terrible and leads often to insomnia and then depression. It is also very difficult to wash as most of the turtle shells grow to a size which doesn't fit in most conventional showers or baths. The "turtle people" have had a rocky relationship with the medical community and only recently have they been allowed treatment and acceptance as people in need of help.

History of TSS[]

In late 1999 TSS first started appearing world wide, with the first recorded case occurring in California. Many thought it was a sign of the apocalypse that was predicted to occur at the beginning of the new millenium. Due to this belief many TSS sufferers were ignored and left to deal with their uncomfortable situation while everyone made their preparations for the end.

After the new year began TSS was affecting about 15 percent of the world population and was hard to ignore. It was unclear how the disease spread and no one seemed to care much.

Many sufferers were shunned by colleagues and family and soon the appearence of Ghettos was common place. The situation is only just turning around as doctors have finally decided that something has to be done.


In late 2004 people suffering from Turtle Shell Syndrome were finally aknowledged by the medical community as having a problem that couldn't be treated with conventional cough medicine. This was achieved by the turtle people by signing petitions and in some cases- even rioting. The riots were dealt with mainly with the employment of tear gas canisters- rubber bullets and hoses were used at first but proved rather inefficient against the turtle shells.

A scandal arose when some shaky camera footage was released on the internet that seemed to show TSS sufferers being culled in China. The video was later revealed to be a publicity stunt by a faction of disgruntled TSS sufferers though many still believe that the videos are real and many conspiracy theories have been spawned. The Chinese government strongly denied their involvment in any such dubious activities.