Yeah... one of those guys is me.

About me[]

When I'm bored I wanna give people a laugh. I'm sick of reading all this "random" stuff that people try to come away with. Have some originality- have some style.

Random is random- it's not to be used cheaply. When you wanna be funny- try to avoid "cheese" "donkey" and any other food or animal name to fall back on. Because too many people are falling back on them- and if you do it too, you might find that those words have worn very thin and that you hit instead the hard marble floor of overuse and unfunniness. If this happens- don't despair- just spice things up and try to be original.

I'm not trying to insult or be cliche "nice guy" either. Basically I'm saying I'm sick of the old stuff and I appreciate originality and humour. So if you can find it in yourself to take reversopedia as an oppertunity to make people laugh and get some hard core time wasting done (like I am :L) then good on you!

I appreciate it.

Attitude to the rules[]

I have great fun adding to reversopedia though have noticed that some of my content might not meet every demand of the rules. Having said that though- when I read the Reversopedia:Simplified ruleset it was Rule 3 and rule 10 that resonated most to me.

I also realized that rule 12 is a very good point which I've been neglecting- and will discontinue to neglect from now on.

My favorite pages[]

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